About Us


Get your walls to speak on your behalf. Make a statement. Live a lifestyle.

As the name suggests we literally do 'Art on the wall'. It is a social enterprise that aims at getting the unorganized sector artists into the mainstream. We offer customized wall art and murals for homes, outdoors, events, interiors and offices.

Art on the wall is a unique initiative taken up by today's young and ambitious art enthusiasts who are motivated to bring about a change to the artists' lives who get poorly paid for their skills.The livelihood of the community is in a vulnerable stage due to digital alternatives of design and art. A large chunk of the future art lies in small cities and in talented but impoverished communities. Our aim is to expand the community by making sustainable art solution. We are the essential connecting link that brings artists and the connoisseur of art together.

We customize wall art as well as give user-specific value addition on walls in form or murals, art and designs for a dynamic home décor.

We conceptualize, customize and present to you art on the wall!

How We Work

Our approach is very professional and we offer niche service to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark.
How We Work